Beauty of the World

By Fernando Schekaiban
Translated by Toshiya Kamei 

Mission complete, I have no further orders. I don’t want you to go on existing without knowing what happened to those who sought you. So now you’ll find out, you “beautiful” fragile creature, why you continue radiating life.

Before we were nicknamed “those who see no beauty,” our creators called themselves “humans” and imposed the name “robot” upon us. They brought us into existence to help them progress, flourish, and achieve all they desired. Their greed grew faster than compassion and unleashed conflicts that were impossible to resolve. And as their essence changed, we were reprogrammed: we helped to diminish, wither them, and put the will of some over the longings of others.

They never knew at what moment the reason for their war changed: first it was for land, then for food, then for water, and finally, when they no longer had the strength to continue and we were the only ones left, for you. And it wasn’t until that point of no return that they could understand the difference that separated them from all other species: their ability to conceive and appreciate beauty.

They endowed us with intellect to follow their orders: defend them with all their might until the last consequences. That’s what we did.

Now I’ll leave you here, inside the body of the last of “those who saw beauty,” so that you grow and decide when to die.

And just as I don’t understand you, nor can I enjoy your beauty, you’ll never understand, even if you try hard, that you’re the cause of the destruction of all, because you’re worth more than land, food, water, and human life. The last flower in the world.

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