Brittany Lytle

Brittany Lytle is a professional illustrator, brain-to-page printer, and colorful conversationalist moonlighting as a black hole. For shits, giggles, and inspiration, she hangs her heart in the forest and keeps her soul in the creek. She will drink all of the hot drinks. Mostly coffee, but also: All. The quiet humor and innocence of animals makes her cup overflow. She loves to digest empathy, the flow of time, and the complexity of nature [in life and print] but then wants a creepy graphic novel to munch.

Brittany is the Art Director and Head Illustrator of Dusk & Shiver Magazine. She is responsible for all of the gorgeous logo and cover art visible around the website, and is currently designing the cover for D&S‘ first fairy tale anthology, Across the Faded Fields. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page and on her website.


. Winter Faerie (Winter Issue 2019 Cover)
. Sewer Mermaid: Loneliness (Spring Issue 2019 Cover)
. Rust Girl: Frustration (Summer Issue 2019 Cover)

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