Book Review: Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss

When the group’s focus shifts from daily hunting and gathering techniques to the construction of their own eerie Iron Age ‘Ghost Wall,’ the narrative takes an even darker turn. They may be using animal bones instead of human remains, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a sacrifice.

Podcast Review: Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children

Reviewed by Crescenda Long There is nothing I love more than a good fairy tale. Unfortunately, new fairy tales often leave me disappointed. Even the best original stories often lack that authentic fairy tale feel -- that perfect blend of timeless wonder and deep, abstract disquiet. And so I approached Scott Thrower’s Fairy Tales for... Continue Reading →

Podcast Review: Sirenicide

From bodies disappearing from morgues to eerily timed car crashes on dark highways, Sirenicide feels like those ‘urban-legend’ style ghost stories that used to terrify and delight my friends and I when we were kids -- and it only gets better from there.

Podcast Review: Calling Darkness

This weekend, I finally had a chance to listen to the first episode of Calling Darkness, a new horror-comedy podcast written by S.H. Cooper and Gemma Amor. The story chronicles the adventures of six young women who gather at the mysterious Crowe House for a seminar on acting -- and accidentally summon a demon in the process.

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