Dusk And Shiver - Crescenda

   Crescenda Long

co-founder, editor-in-chief, staff writer; web goblin

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Hi, everyone! I’m Crescenda, an American expat currently teaching preschool in Japan. I started Dusk & Shiver because I absolutely love fairytales, folklore, and all things mythology-based; I genuinely believe that stories are the true cultural preservatives of the past. When I’m not wrangling small children or smaller faeries, I can usually be found happily haunting the smoky indie music halls of Tokyo — or else wandering the labyrinth of this urban jungle with my camera, searching for minotaurs.

You can find more of Crescenda’s work on her Patreon page, or at her music blog, Harmonic Distortion.

Dusk & Shadow - Kelly

   Kelly Mintzer

         staff writer; manic pixie

      Twitter | Instagram

Kelly Mintzer is a manic pixie nightmare girl who is far too invested in professional sports mascots, while hating organized sports. Hates ventriloquist dummies but loves movies about haunted ventriloquist dummies, and she hasn’t seen her natural hair color in years.

You can find more of Kelly’s work at her webpage. Kelly is also a contributing review writer over at Critics Den.

Dusk & Shadow - Britt

  Brittany “Bleu” Lytle

art director, head illustrator; harbinger of chaos

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I’m a professional illustrator, brain-to-page printer, and colorful conversationalist moonlighting as a black hole. For shits, giggles, and inspiration, I hang my heart in the forest and keep my soul in the creek. I will drink all of the hot drinks. Mostly coffee, but also: All. The quiet humor and innocence of animals makes my cup overflow. I love to digest empathy, the flow of time, and the complexity of nature [in life and print] but then give me a creepy graphic novel to munch.

Ferns, sage, and moss–all day every day. My dogs are fuzzy gargoyles that hug my soul. In another dimension, I am a 93 year old fortune-telling bartender.

You can find more of Bleu’s work at her website. 

Circle Bio Pic - Kristina

   Kristina Manente

audio engineer, marketing manager; dog mom

            Twitter | Instagram

Kristina is a freelance writer for the likes of SYFY, FANDOM, VRV, Polygon, and other nerdy pop culture outlets. An ardent traveler, she has 49 countries under her belt and has no real plans to stop. Sometimes she regrets not becoming a tea sommelier, as all she does every day all day is think about a cuppa.

A trained audio engineer, Kristina produces and does-post production on a number of audio dramas and podcasts. Credits include The Baker Street Babes Podcast, Calling Darkness, Ghost Light Theater, and Hipster Moose.

You can find more of Kristina’s work on her website, including her audio work. Her writing portfolio can be found here.

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